yukisato blended whisky

Kiyokawa is located in the northern portion of the Nagano Prefecture. Our distillery sits on the edge of a small village, ged by snowmelt and fertile land. The area is known fort its severe winters and hot continental summers, and exceptional condition for our barrelhouse.

The nearby mountains provide a source of fresh and clear spring water that is an essential part of our product. Yukisato Blended Whisky is medium light in style with a rick backbone of malt whisky character.

Grain notes and a light sweetness allow for the whisky to be used in both highnall and straight pours. A whisky soft and easy to drink by itself

COLOR Resplendent Golden-amber

NOSE Notes of flowers and fresh fruits, spices and light notes of cask

TASTE : Fruite and full-bodied, featuring winter spice flavour combined whit light hints of caramel and vanilla.

PRESENTATIONS   70cl,  750ml.