quita penas blanco

Crafted exclusively from the Weber blue agave plant, our Blanco tequila undergoes a meticulous process that sets it apart. The agave is slow-cooked in a brick oven, fostering unique traits through a deliberate fermentation using a distinctive yeast strain.
A precision-driven distillation involves several cuts around the halfway point, ensuring a refined expression.

Bottled with semi-artisanal care, our Blanco tequila reflects a commitment to excellence at every step, delivering a crisp and vibrant experience

COLOR Silver with bright nuances.

NOSE Smooth floral and fruity aromas and a slight sweet note of cooked agave that eveals the heart of this tequila.

TASTE : Refreshing peppermint and lime notes together with a trace of cooked agave, which leave a silky finish on the palate.

PRESENTATIONS  100ml , 1l, 3l.