The Corralejo Margarita Challenge is a contest organized by our commercial partner,Two Friends, located in India, which brings together the most important bartenders in that country. The main challenge is that bartenders could develop a margarita with an authentic recipe and ,of course, using Tequila Corralejo as the main ingredient.

Being the 5th edition, in 2019 more than 370 applications were received from Bartenders of 4 states: Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and the final battle took place on the 2nd of May of 2019.

I read that the winner is a Bartender named Piyush Gouchwal and that his margarita, called “Noble Margarita”, has pear as its main ingredient.

Piyush was born and raised in New Delhi, he graduated with honors from IIMT Hotel and Restaurant management, Oxford Brooke’s University. Although his passion for being behind the bar and innovation in the creation of cocktails prompted him to continue his preparation in the Maison program, a unique and innovative program in bartender training.

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Piyush has worked for two and a half years in one of the most famous bars in New Delhi, Playground at JW Marriott Hotel.

In the “Margarita Challenge 2019”, Piyush created his own version of the margarita: Noble Margarita, with pear as main guest, a fruit considered a symbol of nobility in India.

As part of the award, Piyush traveled to Mexico to meet the emblematic “Hacienda Corralejo”, and after almost a year, I had the pleasure of accompanying him during his visit. The first day we celebrated his 25th birthday.

During his visit to the Hacienda, Piyush was able to discover an agave field, tilled a pineapple, learned about the process of making Tequila, explored the cellars and the old part of the Hacienda, and the process of making the famous Azul bottle, he shared with Don Leonardo, CEO of the company his experience working with the brand in India.

At the end we were able to delight with a cocktail prepared by Piyush, with ingredients from the region. Although it was a short 4-day trip, it was enriching, both for Piyush, who learned about the production of tequila from its roots, and for us to know his vision about the tequila market in his country.